Sunday, November 18, 2007


I wrote the title of the last blog before I wrote the actual blog. The title doesn't match what I wrote at all so obviously I had some intentions to write about a certain topic but in my writing non of that came out. I am taking it as a sign that I am not to vent about any of that stuff to you at this time! Maybe later....

Best of Times & Worst of Times

Hello Ladies & Gents!

It's been 20 days since my last post... so sorry to keep you all hanging as I know not many of you actually even read this thing. haha.

Well, just to begin- there are only 34 days till James and I finally get to get married! It is very exciting but man, all these people have all these questions and I just don't have answers for them. There are so many different points to cover that it is just unbelievable. Kristin Woods- I do not know how you do it daily! Oh well, everything will go however God has it planned so I am not too worried about things... that and my cousin (I guess that is what you call her) Jennifer and my aunt will be in charge of everything at the wedding.

Then there is my bachelorette party! YAHOO!! This is going to be a fun night! First we are meeting with the guys for dinner. That should be very interesting but most defiantly a fun time. Then we are going to the W hotel in downtown Dallas to have a little lingerie part (this is james' favorite part) and then on to Ghost bar for a little more fun! :-) What a wonderful time. Back to the lingerie... James and I went to VS today. He picked out another bra for me. Not that he gets to see anything yet but we sure do have fun picking the stuff out! We also looked at some of that lingerie stuff. I tried a couple on. I've never done that before. Wowza- it's weird to put something like that on but kind of fun at the same time. hehe...

With 34 days left before james and I get to do some of that wonderful pillow action - it's hard. Physically we are doing okay. We have our weak moments where we want to take a little too far and to literally stop right then and there and pray and ask God to help us because we can't do it on our own.... of course though that is true with everything. So, I will ask for your prayers in that.

Work is going great. I love everything about my job. What I do, the kids (even my little toots), my team, my boss , and everyone else on staff! It is getting close to the holidays though . You can always tell in an Elementary school. The teachers are going crazy and driving the kids crazy, the kids are going crazy, driving the teachers crazy and everyone is ready to shut down! But there's only 2 days this week and then it's Thanksgiving and then like 3 weeks and it's Christmas break and of course our wedding! :-)

James and I do not know where we are going to live yet. It could be in a 1 bedroom here @ AMLI or we could get to go pick an apartment! My vote is obviously for the second choice. I would love for james and I to actually get to pick where we will live for the 1st time. But that may have to wait till this summer. It's a little frustrating not knowing. I mean, I can't blame Sara. I know she is frustrated as well. I really need to pray about it more... It's all God's timing. He will work out all the little details in His own way! :-)

I've rambled enough.... Good night/day to all!!!!!!!!!!