Sunday, September 28, 2008


James is going to be a good dad. He was never around kids growing up. He's an only child. Has 1 cousin that is much older and he wasn't around him much, 1 cousin his age, and 1 cousin that is like 11 or something- so way younger then him. He is in the business world so no kids there. Then he met me. I worked in the Preschool at church, taught kindergarten, worked as a day camp counselor, and babysit some- oh and my best friend and roommate prior to marriage has a son who is 5 1/2 now. Over the last couple of years, as he has been exposed more and more- he grows softer and softer, in a wonderful way. He came to my classroom 2 weeks ago and he did such a great job. He "learned" how to do calendar- the kids taught him, he did marker boards with them and read a story. They were so excited and so engaged. When he got up to leave, he told them "how proud he was of them for their hard work" and gave then high 5's. I of course raced across the room to be ready with the antibacterial lotion because I figured he'd be grossed out by the germs but he hadn't even thought of it. He still put some on since I had it out. :-) We have also been babysitting a couple of little girls 4 & 6... he does so well with them too. I am just excited for when the Lord does put it in our hearts to start the next stage of family! We're not ready yet and we are both very happy where we are but 3 instead of 2 will be good too! :-) (Maybe we'll jump from 2 to 4- I ask God for twins in prayers from time to time when I think about... When we do decide to have kids... NOT NOW!!! LOL)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Insurance, Deductible, HSA Spending Accounts and unGodly amounts of money

So, I went to the doctor today, upon the advice of many. I wasn't told anything new... all viral, nothing can be done.... blah blah blah. :-) The nurse practitioner was really nice though. She gave me drugs that would make me feel better and not like crap so that I can function at work. Praise the Lord for her! :-) Let's pray it all actually works and I get my voice back, my throat stops hurting, and I can go a night without coughing! :-)
So anyway- to the subject. I am on James' insurance. Sometimes I wonder if this was a good decision. We decided to take me off RISD's BlueCross/BlueShield plan because I had co pays and had bills being sent to me because they didn't cover this or cover that... whatever. James' company pays 100%. Or at least this is what we thought. James doesn't go to the doctor and when he does it is always just preventative. So, yes, 100% of that IS covered. Then there is me. I go to the doctor multiple times a year because I work in a germ infested building with kiddos (I still love my job!), I get sick anyway, regardless of those germs I am exposed to, I wear glasses/contacts, I like my teeth so I get them cleaned, and I go to the OB/GYN regularly... and now 4x a year regular. I get stupid amounts of test run on various body parts. They usually come back negative but in the mean time cost us horrible amounts of money. We have an HSA Account so it doesn't feel like it take a part of our budget. It's money that is taken out of James' paycheck pretax. But it's still our money. Today, I went to pick up my 2 prescriptions and it cost me $0. I was like wow, we met our deductible. SWEET! No more out of pocket... at least not till January. :-) But this means we've spent at least $2500 so far on MY health. (James hasn't been to the doc.) I got on our HSA website and looked it up... it shows, year to date, that we've actually spent more then $3000 ....I don't know a lot about health insurance but it looks as if we're getting screwed... so now, I have to add to my list of things to do- Call BCBS! AHHHHH!!!! And they probably have some explanation for me that means something where they are right and we're not owed any money back... BLAH BLAH BLAH... I know "whatever" isn't an intelligent word but WHATEVER. It's money we save solely for the purpose of our health. If our deductible IS met, then this is a good thing. I go in on Wednesday for EXPENSIVE test and if we don't have to pay for any of it... GREAT! That is wonderful news. Anyway... health care is too expensive. No wonder a lot people don't go to the doctor, or if they do, they have to go into debt to pay it off... Or we pay for it twice... in taxes for those who get it for free... not very Godly of me, I know we are to provide for the less fortunate... and I we do that... but it's just frustrating. :-) So, anyway- unGodly amounts of money is spent on Doctors by the Davis'. :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's been a while....

I don't even know what to write about, it's been such a long time. :-) I am actually opening up my blog to see what was last.... WOW... lots has happened and I guess not happened. I'll do a quick update...
We bought a boat. We went to Arkansas for our summer vacation for a week. I didn't get into my classroom untill our first official staff development day back to work... talk about some stress and an 80 hour work week. We had about 3 weeks of total work- no play, no time together. Praise the Lord that is OVER! I have a wonderful class! YEA. One the first day of school, I was told by a student I looked like Barbie. :-) She obviously wanted to be my favorite from day 1. lol. My team is amazing, my kids and parents are amazing, my school is amazing, and my boss is amazing as always. So no work complaints obviously. haha. I've been sick on and off. I don't think I've gotten back to 100% at all- I just have really good days and really bad days. :-) My principal made me team leader (disclaimer- in our school we're all leaders, it's just a go to person on each team basically!), I am the PTA Teacher rep which means I not only go to all the PTA Meetings, which we're required to go to anyway, but I go to the Board meetings. It's fun and a wonderful opportunity to really see what these women and men put into our school and how much they do and want to support the teachers and students. I also get to know more kids. I've been praised at work for my work with such depth and meaning that I feel really good about what I am doing. I've also been told I am seen as a leader and it would be good for me to work in other grades at some point so that I can move into roles such as IS or Counselor so that I can reach more then 22 each year. It all feels good and so scary at the same time. wow. That was a wonderful conversation but so heavy at the same time. I like babies. I've never been one to Ooooo over babies. I've always prefered 4 or 5 year olds to babies. Like within the last month, I've really just gone google when I see a baby. LOL. No, it's not baby fever yet. I do feel a bit closer though. I am really enjoying time with my husband and we would like to keep it that way for a while. I had yet another gyno appointment with bad news. I have to go in next week again, for the 3rd time to have bits and pieces of my insides pinched out for testing... which I might just point out cost us an arm and a leg each and every time.... all past test have shown negative results. Part of me kind of wishes it would so positive results so that we can cut it out and get it over with.... if thats how it even works.... whatever... So we're praying for Gods will in it and my friend Kate, whom I am very thankful for is taking me to my appointment so I don't have to go alone. James would go but I told him he didn't have to go. I am very comfortable with Kate taking me. :-) At home group, we have been sharing our testimonies. James and I are this week. I've been working on it a bit this weekend. I am excited and nervous to share. I am also thinking of posting it... but not sure if I will because family and friends read my blog. It gets dirty and honest and I am not sure I am ready to share ALL that with EVERYONE. lol. :-) Maybe an edited version... I don't know.
James and I have both been sick on and off all weekend. I'm in bed now. It's nice but it's the last thing I wanted to do today. I am really wanting to move our bedroom furniture around. I can't stand the way we have it now. It stinks. Not like smelly but like just sucks. Oh yeah- with James deciding not to go back to school (at the point anyway, it could always change) we are saving for a house. :-D is fun. We will not seriously even begin looking until we have 30% of what we want to spend saved. :-) So, there's us in a nutshell. Maybe more exciting things will come soon. :-)