Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ladies Night

Saturday was a good day. I woke up and kissed my husband goodbye as he went on his men only camping trip. I walked out the door and began my day of estrogen. It started bright and early at the RISD job fair. I went along to help out my principal and instructional specialist. It was a lot of fun talking to all these new ladies and some gentlemen. I remember being there last year. Nervous and anxious to find a new teaching job... and I did. Another bonus of the job fair was that it got Jennifer "Bernard" Ellison into town and in my bubble! :-) After the fair we ventured on over to Mi Cocina for some delicious brisket tacos and talked about newlywed things! It puts a smile on my face and in my heart to know that soon, she will be back in Dallas! :-)
Then for me it was to the Galleria for some new powder! Yea! Always exciting. It was quite tempting to go into the mall to walk around and see all the things I would want to buy but won't ever... so I didn't. On the way home, I stopped at Target. I have been wanting (what else is new) a new "BIG" purse. I was told that Target is where I can find one at a good price. I like all these purses I see out and when I get to the store- I can't seem to find one that fits me. So no purchases for me. Then I came home to charge my phone... it died- as usual.
With James being gone it meant ladies night! Sara bailed (I would too for the lake) so it was just Christina and I. Which isn't a "just Christina" but a "YEA JUST CHRISTINA!" haha. She came over and helped me pick out an outfit because I never go out and in Dallas sometimes it can be so pretentious. We both ended up in jeans and black... very classic. :-) We started with getting gas... haha neither of had any. I'm sure our husbands would be oh so proud to know that we let it get so low... It's bad when you know that once the light goes on, you've got 60 miles to go... :-) Dinner was held at Da Tapas. I never would have found this marvelous dining local if Xtina hadn't of shown me. :-) It's wonderful. They have half and full pitchers of Sangria and all the food is in small portions. So you order some here and then some more there and have a little wine and desert, all with live music in the background. It was just great. I think we spent like 2 hours there and it was no big deal- you're supposed to. Neat-O! Then we drove by "The Stcck's" soon to be house. Our next event was left up to me- Dancing at Gloria's or home for some Wii action with our Miis. We Wiied. Tennis was first. Christina's first time and she killed. My head hung low many times. Then it was on to boxing! How much fun was that?!? We both won a match. We left it at that and called it a night.
I must say, I always have a wonderful time with Mrs. Stock. This has been a long process of actually trying to get together and following through on us saying "let's hang out" but it's worth it... we've got something beautiful here. hehe. :-)

Here is a video of our intense Wii Workout:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does this ever end???

Well, I got some test results back from the doctor and good news: no hypothyroidism. But I do have to go in once every 6 months to get more test. Then the eye doctor gave me some new medicine to take that is stronger. She said that she thinks my pink eye just never fully healed. The symptoms just went away. That makes me feel much less dirty- haha.

Now you ask about my title: My health seems okay for now but this morning I called my Granny to check and see if she had power after those crazy storms last night. She's good on power but she had double surgery like 3 weeks ago on her hernia and she is now running a higher fever and is in a lot of pain. So, I called into work and am down here waiting to take her to the doctor. Please pray for her, her doctors, and for me to be strong in all of this. I feel weak and scared right now. She is getting older, more sick and more often. It is really scary. I'll keep ya updated. Thank you!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Medical Issues... again

Yeah Yeah Yeah- I know- 3 post in one day... well, it's been a while.

So, medically. I can't seem to catch a break. It's kind of depressing really. So, I went to our family doctor for a routine (my first ever) physical. Doc said all looked good. Keep up the good habits and to send my husband in for his next physical as well. :-) Well, my bloodwork came back funky. My thyroid levels were high (possible hypothyroidism). So, last Thursday I went back in for a whole panel of test to be done just for my thyroid. Dr. Brehm said everything was PERFECT! Keep up my eating habits (I'm thinking, welllll... for the most part) and how I'm working out. BUT my thyroid levels were so here James and I are, once again,waiting on test results. I feel like I'm living at the doctors office: gyno, dentist, eye, family... It's getting old and expensive. I know the Lord has me here for this season for a reason, but it is just hard. Oh, by the way- I have pink eye for the 3rd time in like 6 weeks... I'm telling ya, this is getting ridiculous.

James's Birthday

James is now older then 15. On Friday, he turned 26. He's so old. hehe. jk. I'm right behind him. On Friday, we took it pretty easy and went to see 21. We really liked it. James has had the itch to go back to Vegas for a while now and after seeing this movie, I am ready to go back too. But we don't want to go by ourselves. I know the economy is going into a recession BUT... anyone want to go?!?! If James and I go by ourselves- we'll be boring and stay in our little boring bubble (we're not really borning all the time, I promise!). So who's up for it?!? Christina and Kyle... I know you want to!! haha. Anyway back to the birthday night! Then we went to Uncle Julio's for dinner. We sat at the bar and shared a nice meal and each had 2 margaritas. That's a lot for us but they sure were yummy! James got a FREE dessert- we always enjoy those. :-)

Saturday we went golfing at LB Houston with Brent Bell and Sebastian French. It was 5 hours of fun and excitement. We played scramble... but we really didn't keep score. There was the Marshall... I should have gotten some pictures of him... he stayed on our backs the whole time. I can't even begin to describe his being an ace... but he didn't ruin our fun! :-) See:
Brent & Sebastian fighting at hole 16, I think.James joining in. Still fighting. Boys will be boys.
Right after Brent accidently kneed Sebastian in the crotch
He's hurting a bit... whoops!
Isn't he dang HOT!
Brent & Sebastian being them and running the carts into each other and running it up on each other.
trying to pull them off each other

Hiding from flying balls
Who's turn is it?

Watching... what I did best all day... I'm not much of a golfer... but's fun for about 14 or 15 holes.

Houston Rodeo (3.22.08)

James and I decided to mosey on down to the great city of Houston. His mom bought tickets to the rodeo (last day/Brooks & Dunn concert) but then was given tickets as well... so of course she gave them to us. She's good. :-) So, we had a lot of fun. I seriously think we were like the 3rd group of people there- I mean we got there EARLY! But worth it, parking was easy and we got to see all that we wanted to see. So, anyway, we were waiting on some people to get there and all of a sudden James's JR High/High school best friend, Brian and his dad walk by. James hasn't talked to these guys in a long time because they didn't know he was dating anyone let alone, MARRIED! haha. Their jaws kind of dropped. :-) So anyway- here are some pictures. :-)

Brooks & Dunn
Enjoynig our ICEEs!!
Bored and bugging my hubby
James's long lost friend Brian
Some crazy bunny hats they were selling since the next day was Easter.
Fireworks INSIDE... wow.

Making faces.