Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To couch or not to couch?

This is our question!

Right now James and I are living in a small 1 bedroom apartment finishing out a lease where Sara and I were living. I'm not complaining about the size or anything like that so please don't take that the wrong way. But right now we don't have a whole lot of furniture. Our bedroom is pretty equipt. I had some stuff and he had some stuff and we're making that all work and will keep it for a while. But there are a couple pieces of funiture that I would like to own some time in the next year or so... preforably sooner if it is possible.

As of right now, we have a futon on loan from Sara for out couch. It serves it's purpose and it is so much better then the patio swing James and Devin had in the apartment... which by the way I totally think James would prefer that over the futon anyway. Such a guy! :-) We also do not have any place for us to sit and eat other then the floor or our couch. My idea situation does not include shoveling food into my mouth from my hand. Again, I am not complaining but it's just not the ideal. My third and very unimportant and last thing on my mind thing that I am bringing up only because I am blogging about this stuff is an entertainment center. Right now my 5 year old SANSUI TV sits on Sara's borrowed coffee table. And my and James' good size blockbuster collection and Wii stuff all have not place to really be other then just there.

So, we are furniture challenged- again we make do and do just fine. But on Saturday we went window/research shopping for a dinning room table and a couch. This is always entertaining because James and I very different taste in these things. He likes a little mre detail (gody) things then I do. I like a classic just simple and smooth kind of stuff. BUT we found a table we both really like with a pretty good price and a brown leather couch that was what we figured we would probably be paying for one... but it hurts the ol pocket book just a bit. So, o Saturday we had to make a decision... which is more important- which one are we going to aim at buying first and we decided couch. So, we found our couch and neither of us dislikes anything about it, which is amazing... and we don't know if we should buy it. We're praying about it but it seems kind of hard... God give me an answer please- do we buy or not buy? I know He always answers... in His own time and in His own way but this is still hard. :-)

So- to couch or not to couch? What is the answer?

Monday, January 21, 2008


Here are some of the wedding pictures. Daniel Davis Photography did the most amazing job. All the photos I post from the wedding are by DDP! I'm going to post a few each time I think about it... it takes TOO LONG to do more then a few at time. :-) Enjoy.

Our Wedding Party

So formal...

Jump for Joy- We're married!!!!!!

My Dress... what so I do with this now?!?

He loves me sooo!

We took pictures before the ceremony so this was the first time we saw each other! He is so handsome!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time Ticks On

It's been about 2 weeks since we've returned from our honeymoon and we've made some major progress in our humble abode we call home. :-) We finally got rid of all the "piles" as James likes to call them. We've returned all but 2 items and have begun purchasing things we decided we would like to have more. Most everyone purchased things from our registry but by the time we got them we did not want that particular item anymore or we got some duplicates. So, I am in charge of all the gift/exchange cards. It's hard to go buy things with them. This is like "free money" and it doesn't come out of our budget so I don't want it to be gone. That and we are only in this apartment for like 3 1/2 months and who knows what we'll need for the next apartment. Thank you cards... whoa! We are bad. We have not started them just yet. Our goal was to start this weekend but we did all that cleaning yesterday- it 5pm before we finished and I have report cards due on Monday (tomorrow). I am so thankful I only have to enter in "grades" (we really don't grade in kinder but we do have our observations) and it's something like 3000 clicks (in the computer) per student so it's pretty time consuming.

James and I are doing well. We hit our little bumps but that is expected when you bring 2 flawed people into one house to live. I like our bumps. They are very very small and pretty harmless. :-) He is enjoying the client he is working at and doesn't hate going in. He also loves coming home. I had several opportunities to cook for him and make his lunch- it's fun being his;. wife. :-)

Does anyone know what to do with a wedding gown? lol. Mine is hanging in my dinning room/office...