Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Deepest, Darkest Secret

is no longer a secret. It's out there for all to know. Well, I guess to those I tell. I told James Sunday night at church. I listened to/watched a Village Life video and she mentioned "a deep, dark secret" and I thought, if I had one, what would it be???? Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I just broke down crying. Like it was bad. And I know that if I did not write it down right then and there I would have continued to not tell James about it all. So, I did it. And he kissed me and said I love you. We are working through it. It is a big deal and it is going to take a lot of time for me to regain James's trust. So it's just been heavy. We will work hard on it and get through it and deal with all the crap I've put us in. His love is more the I could ever ask for... what a blessing from Him. Confession is though... but praise His name for obedience.

Monday, May 12, 2008

my memory

I often say I am going to do things, and have full intentions in doing these things but don't remember to do them. I knew this about myself before I was married and in this relationship but now that I am married, it's worse then I thought. How can my husband trust me if I don't do the things I say I will. I don't do it on purpose. I just flat out forget. Sometimes I am distracted and others I just honestly do not remember at all. Why does this happen???

Thursday, May 08, 2008


As most of you know... well, I think there's like 3 people that read this.... anyway, James and I recently moved into a new place. We love it here- pictures will not be posted till the couch arrives (Saturday) and things are set up worthy enough of pictures. I mean, I know you're all just dying to see them. hehe.
Anyway, the point of this blog- I do have pictures of my husbands fabulous truck. The past couple of months, with gas prices sky rocketing, James and I have basically traded cars. Now, his is a big truck and I have a SUV. So there isn't much difference but definately enough for us to switch. James drives much further then I do. Well, his truck is the biggest thing I've ever driven and I try to be as careful with it as I can... a week ago today, we, the truck and I, got in a fight with our parking garage. One of it's big non moving cement pillars beat the snikies out of us. We've gotten 2 estimates so far and it ranges from 1700 - 3200 dollars. All depending on what we choose to fix... so here it is, the damage:

So, anyway, James has been great about it. He just wants me to take responsibility and pay for it. My first reaction was to think Ugh!!! Isn't this what daddies and husbands are for??!!?? But nope, I've, by myself, gone out and gotten 2 estimates and I am working on others!!! We'll see how it goes.