Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Happy post Christmas! I hope everyone is gearing up for the new year! :-)
We had a good one. Went out to James' grandparents house in Sipe Springs, TX. It's in the middle of no where if you were wondering. His mom and step dad were present along with his grandparents and his 2 cousins. It's very quiet out there. We just stayed a couple of days and came home. We kind of like home. For Christmas I gave James Fable 2 on Xbox and we have no Xbox. I also told his grandmother and mom to go ahead and get him GameStop gift cards so he could buy an Xbox. Kind of my way of saying- "Go ahead, I don't mind." James and his mom gave me a sewing machine. Exciting. I asked for one. Kind of nervous about it though. I haven't sewed in some time and we don't really have room for me to set it up and leave it out. I have sewed enough to know that it's not something you can usually start and finish in one sitting without making a massive mess. James doesn't like a mess or any type of pile- organized or not organized. We'll see how this goes... or I just might wait to see if we stay in our apartment or move to a new one later in the spring. I don't want to wait though. Mom is bringing me scrap fabric and getting me some other goodies for my birthday so I can play and get to know the machine. It does all kinds of stuff. Fun. Fun. Fun.
I don't know if you can actually see what this says but these are pictures that say all the things this machine can do. Good Luck- it's the best I got! :-)
Today we went on a little shopping spree and didn't spend a penny from our budget! YIPPIE! how did we do that you might ask? Well, I've been saving some of our wedding returns and gift cards for a rainy day and well- that was today. I think we're down to like 23$ or something, which if you knew what we started with you might be in shock! Here is what we got:
I have Pyrex but no casserole dishes so I got one for tomorrow. Mom & Dad are coming down for lunch.
We have the professional hd mixer and now I can slice my veggies effortlessly- why did we get new knives (also purchased on gift card) a while back? hehe. And we were going to get this 3 set attachment box but James found the next item and I had cut back... what a good compromiser I am...
A Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker... oohh lala... come to our house and we'll make ya something cold... but give us plenty of notice, once we opened it and read the instructions we realized it takes a long time to make everything- it may go back just for that reason! lol. (Then I'll get the other 2 attachments!)

So tomorrow we're spending New Year's with Brenna & Mason! We're excited. A little Dave & Busters and just hanging out! This is all after Mom & Dad leave of course. :-) We'll take some pictures! Yeah!

And for my birthday on Sunday, we're going to go to Blue Mesa's Sunday Brunch with friends. I am looking forward to that one. We got a "Birthday Brunch on Us" coupon in the e-mail. I've never been but I have heard fabulous things.

May God Bless your new year and all to come! :-)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary & Merry Christmas

Our Christmas Card
Movies with Brenna & Mason on Sunday
James driving
James made me get all bundled up because it is TOO cold.
At the Margarita Bar after our massages
Our dessert... after we ate it. hehe.
Our drnks kissing!
Life size Gingerbread House
After our couple massage
All the beautiful lights
At dinner

My plate. YUMMY!
James still working on his when I was already finished.... he takes his time.
On our way to the Gaylord and dinner!

Pumpkin Curry Soup

My mother-in-law, Beverly made this soup for our Christmas Dinner on the Davis side. It is soooo good. Thank you Bev for sending this to me. I made it today for Brenna for lunch and she approves as well. Here ya go- try it!

Pumpkin Curry Soup (makes 6 servings)
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 cup (small) chopped onion
2 large cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
3 cups chicken broth
1 can (15 oz) Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin*
1 can (12 oz) Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk*

MELT butter in large sauce pan over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic, cook, stirring frequentl, 2 to 3 minutes or until tender. Stir in curry powder, salt and pepper, cook 1 minute.
ADD broth and pumpkin, bringing to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cook, stirring occasionally, 15-20 minutes. Stir in evaporated milk. Transfer mixture to food processor or blend (in batches, if necessary); cover. Blend until smooth. Serve warm.

This is really good. I didn't buy the brands it called for because they didn't have them at Whole Foods and what I got worked just fine. I think, if I remember correctly, this is from Martha Stuart and she, I am guessing, would back certain brands. :-) Also, remember when you put your lid on your blender to mix, the steam needs somewhere to go- it can explode. Mine did. :-) I had fun cleaning! haha.


So I am a big fan of Texas weather: the ups and downs, hot and cold, cold being in the 50s, not the 30s, ect... This past week has been awful though. 30 is too cold! I am tired of it! This is what the last week or so has looked like:
12.14 76
12.15 35
12.16 33
12.17 46
12.18 69
12.19 70
12.20 69
12.21 36
12.22 33

Okay, so that range is too big. I'm thinking December should be in the 40-50 degree range. And maybe it can, maybe, dip into the 30s at night. My allergies suck when it's up and down and it's just plain cold right now. Blah. :-) If it is going to be this cold, I wish it would just snow.

How long till summer? That's my true calling- summer year round- the water (pool or lake I don't really have a preference), a book, my iphone(pod), and the sun. What else is needed???

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is story is funny and sad at the same time. I choose to see the funny side of it because we are already addressing the sad side of it.

So today, a little girl came up to me just barely holding the end of her eraser with a look on her face like I don't know how to explain without making it myself. (This little girl is really cute- she could be my daughter easy- looks and everything. lol.) And she says, "Mrs. Davis, Edward (name changed to protect the innocent) touched my pencil with the hand he sticks in his pants." LOL. I about fell over. I had her to sanitize it and get on with her work. hehe. So funny. This little boy's hands live in his pants. It a habit we are frantically trying to break. It's gross and the other kids are really starting to take notice.

The Light of a New Day

Today was definitely much better. Woke up... after sleeping in with James. Not too long though- just like 40 minutes which basically means we didn't go work out. lol. James dropped me off at work. That was a nice surprise. Got a kiss goodbye at work and not at home. That was a blessed send off for me day. Denise was back at work. That was nice too. I enjoy the people I work with so I miss them when they are gone. :-) We went to Richardson HS this morning to watch a student play. The kids did wonderfully on the bus. This was their first field trip. We didn't take any parents either. Props to my kiddies. The bus was on time, if not early and heated! I was a bit nervous about the cold. We watched "Charlotte's Web". Last year we saw a version of The Big Bad Wolf's version of what happened in the 3 Little Pigs. That was much better. Shhh... don't tell anyone I said that. Since we didn't get back to the school till around 11, we missed lunch and had to eat in our classroom. Again, my kids did pretty good. They didn't destroy my floor or the tables. I was pleasantly surprised and I'll put money on it the janitor appreciates it... but I don't think she appreciated snack time... ooops. Then we had a much needed computer lab time. :-D 45 minutes of peace and quiet! Then back to class to learn for the first time today. We read The Gingerbread Boy, The Cookie Girl, and The Gingerbread Man. After all 3 stories, we talked about the order and the kids did an sequencing activity while eating a gingerbread cookie. :-) The middle school came over for a choir performance to end our day early and it was all over. I am in much need of a break. I always come back so refreshed, and not to mention running full force in January. Alexis and I stood around talking for a bit and she brought me home. James heard from the shop today about the truck. They said it wasn't shaking anymore and the light when off by the time they got to it... they are going to drive it again tomorrow and double check but that's some good news. That can only come from Jesus. I guess we both needed some humbling and a little shaking. Life can't be good all the time can it?!? lol. Then I took a long nap till James got home. :-) What a nice day of nothings. No excitement in either direction. ;-)

God bless you all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Torturous Tuesday

Is this week really still just beginning? Is it really only just Tuesday? I hope today was not an indicator for our last 3 days before Christmas break.
This morning James and I got in a fight at 6am... let me tell you, fights are no fun anyway but at 6am and on less sleep then normal... HORRID!

Then I was running late in getting ready for the above reason, so my hair is in a knot, I have the least amount of make up on then I've gone in with all year, and I am in jeans and a sweatshirt. There isn't anything cute about me today.

Then I go to get in the truck and it's freaking starts vibrating WAY more then it should. And about half way out of the parking garage I see engine light flashing... again HORRID. This is when I pulled over and called James, not in a very good mood mind you. He requested that I not drive it to work and park it back in the garage. I of course was like how am I going to get to work and sarcastically I responded, "I am not in the mood for sarcasm, please do not use it with me." This should tell you exactly what kind of place I was in. :-/ He offered to leave work (in Uptown) and come pick me up. I asked him not to leave yet. I called 4 people and no one answered- including the school office. Finally Alexis called me back but we were thinking it probably was not a good idea for her to come get me- that would mean all 3 kinder classes would be without a teacher. Then Mackie (my principal) beeped in- she was to the school already but graciously turned around and came to pick me up. [Side note: This is very common of anyone at my school- drop exactly what they are doing and helping someone else. I mean who can call their boss to come pick them up last minute?!? I am so blessed!] So we roll up after the 7:50 bell and as we are walking in, Mackie slips on the ice. It looked like she hit hard but she said she was okay. I wish I could have caught her but I am much too slow. She said she was okay. I hope she isn't hurting now. I feel bad, like if I hadn't of called her to come get me, she might now have fallen. So after she got up in good spirits and okay, I pick up my broken purse. :-( Not a big deal, it cost me a whole 10 bucks, but bummer. I guess I get to go buy a new one now. That is the only good thing that came out of pre-10am. We walk by some parents drinking their coffee in the freezing cold... burr... and I go to class. Alexis is doing her best (which is dang good) to hold down all 3 forts! hehe. I try to talk to her to tell her about all that had happened so far just to say it all out loud but the kids were to crazy. :-( Then a parent comes to have a serious chat in the hall (20 students running a muck unsupervised in the class) about what had happened the day before. Those conversations are always hard to have but man, when you're in a mood like I was in... awful! hehe. But all was squared away and good to go. Then I get to chat with 2 students about stealing and lying. This took a bit because I really wanted to get my point across. One of the kiddos shocked me. I couldn't believe it. Then my computer lab time had been jacked... with my permission but I really could have used those 45 minutes of peace & quiet. I am not a fan of SRI week. I have to get my times too--- also required by the district.

.....anything else? I'm sure there was more I just don't remember. So that is why my Tuesday was so bad. It did get a bit better. James got off work to look at the truck and ended up taking it in to get professionally looked up. This also meant we got to spend some time together that usually doesn't happen. And I got a little time with Brenna & Allison! Secrets Secrets there. Shhh!! ;-)

Tomorrow has to be better. Prayers were much needed and I thank those of you that did pray today and those of you that pray often for us. :-)

Friday, December 12, 2008

365 Soon and Counting

So, it's been a while... wow, I think I have started too many blogs that way. :-)

I have so down time tonight and I've been checking out different websites and I honestly think I have forgotten about this one but only when I am actually on the Internet. hehe. :-) As I looked at my blog, I notice it says James and I have been together for 11 months and 3 weeks. Wow- one more week and it's been a year. It's been a roller coaster of a year but worth each and every twist and turn. James is sweet and planned a nice weekend at the Gaylord Hotel next weekend. He got us a couples massage, we're going to eat and to ICE, and have breakfast planned for the morning. What a wonderful way to spend out time together.

Anyway, to sum up my very short blog- I am blessed to have been lucky enough to marry James Aaron Davis. He is challenging and I know God did that on purpose... Iron sharpens Iron. :-) And man do we get some frictions going... lol.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and not Happy Holidays! ;-)