Thursday, October 09, 2008

Test Results and more Information

I heard from the doctor on Tuesday. Here is a copy of the email I sent to some close friends and family:
Hey Everyone, After 3 days of phone tag with the nurse at my doctors office (**very frustrating**) I finally talked to my nurse. As many of you know already, my well woman pap came back abnormal- nothing new. This is why I've gone in like 4 times in the last year. Each time they have pinched off my insides and tested them further, which always came back negative. Until now. It came back positive for pre-cancer cells and I have to go in for out patient surgery. We don't have a date yet, I now have to wait on the surgery scheduler to call me. The surgery takes an hour and I can choose to be awake or be put out. If Insurance covers it, you can assure yourself I will be asleep for this. The surgery clears out all the areas that have showed up positive (which is all the ones tested). It does not assure that this will not happen again but hopefully, and God willing, my immune system will fight it and it won't happen again. Only time can tell us. I will update y'all as I get information. Love you all!

Well, I got more information so here it is:

First, I must say thank you from the depths of my heart for all the encouragement and support each and every one of you has already extended to me. Love, prayers, encouraging words, foot massages, food... you name it! :-) Thank you! The Lord has reminded me how loved and cared for I really am and I thankful for this and for each of you.

Second, I have more information:

James and I go in for our Pre-Op appointment with the doctor Thursday, October 16th at 3:40. This was wonderful because it was basically their last open appointment for the week and it does not require me to leave work early enough to make a difference to the kids, if early at all. So praise Him in that. I stress out some when I have to miss work. I feel like it takes more work to miss work then just being there myself. The actual surgery will be Tuesday, October 21 at 9:15 in the morning. At first I was thinking- 9:15, not bad. I can sleep in a little... like a whole 2-2 1/2 hours- SWEET! No such luck :-/ I have to be there 1 1/2 before surgery time. I obviously don't go in for surgery very often, bc I was like why in the heckola do I have to be there that early?!?! But whatever the reason, I am sure it is important and we will be there at 7:45 in the morning. There are 2 parts to the surgery from my understanding (please keep in mind the only time I have talked to anyone is during class while I am trying to listen and maintain the calmness of 22 hyperactive 5 year olds. lol.) One part is cauterization and the other part is CO2. It should take an hour, maybe a little longer. If I choose to go under anesthesia, I then have to stay until I wake and use the restroom or something. I feel like I missed something when the scheduler talked about this part... I did hear another hour to hour and a half. Whichever, I'd be there longer. I've heard that this doesn't hurt but I am not really wanting to be awake for this. We're looking into if the anesthesiologist is in network or out and how much it cost if he/she is out. I have already met the insurance deductible for the year so if he/she is in network we're using it!

Third, many of you have asked how I am feeling about this. I left the emotion out of the first email on purpose. In a lot of ways, I am such a transparent person and others I am so reserved it's scary. I don't really know what brings out what but for some reason in the first email, I chose to not show any. I like to present a strong face but I am weak. If I recall, I was teary eyed when I wrote the other email. :-) Welcome to the wonderful world of Casey Davis. I am scared. James asked of what exactly (him and his logical thinking- he sure does keep my feet on the ground). I am scared of all of it, the procedure, the pain, healing, bleeding. It's a complex feeling though. At the exact same time, I KNOW God has me in His hands and pressed up against HIS heart keeping me safe, whatever it is that safe looks like for me. His will and plan are better then any idea I could ever create in my head. So, I am thankful for my salvation and that I have Truth to hold dear and near to my heart to get me through this. He keeps James strong and grounded for me. He is here supporting me and loving me through this. He encourages and reminds me that the result of my past do not effect his feelings towards me or his love for me. I am thankful each and every day for the husband God has blessed me with... as well as all of you!

Thank you so much again for everything. Please keep praying. I will never pretend that I don't need them.

I love all of you,


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Northwood Hills Elementary

I love my job.

I love my kids.
I have great parents.
I love my team (new & old).
I love my entire staff.
I love my boss.
I love my district.
How did I get so blessed?

Doctors are STUPID... no really, they are!

Don't get me wrong. They are smart. I couldn't make it through medical school but I have something very typical right now and I was even good and went to the doctor sooner rather then later like normally. I was totally trying to PREVENT bronchitis, was give FOUR types of medicine and my cough has progressed to worse and is probably bronchitis now. HORRID. The day I went in, I didn't get to actually see MY Doctor. I was sick, couldn't talk, and my throat was really hurting and I was told they had NOTHING that day but the earliest was at 2:15 the next day. Freaking no way was what I was thinking.... well honestly.... I was probably thinking something is many many curse words I really wanted to yell at the woman on the phone, but since I was standing in front of 22 kindergartners I felt it would be better not to- and I had no voice and couldn't. haha. Anyway, I questioned her and basically was like "You seriously don't have ANYTHING before 2:15 tomorrow? How do y'all not leave "last minute" spots open in the day for emergency visits? And so on... She then all of a sudden was like, "Oh, I have one for 9am tomorrow?" Okay, now I am really not a happy camper... I have an IT person in my room telling me I have to remove stuff to get Microsoft 07, I can't teach my kids because I can't talk (which by the way, they were really good for being out of routine and me not being able to talk), and I couldn't get an appointment for the day and I already called a sub to come in early... SERIOUSLY?!? And I asked the receptionist now, if someone cancels can I please be on a list to get moved up?!?! And I she acted as if that was a silly question or something. WTF!?!? She asked if I want the 9am appointment and I say yes and me being in probably one of the worst moods of the year, asked AGAIN... can you please call me if anyone cancels..... she said I yes... I had little hope with that happening. 30 minutes later I got a phone call and was at the doctors within the house. Praise His name... again, I did not see my doctor. I saw the nurse practitioner or something. She prescribed me an inhaler, a nasal spray, an allergy medicine, and an antibiotic... THEY ALL SUCKS. My cough is just as bad and worse. I am going to have to go back again.... STUPID DOCTORS. I hope this time I get to see MY doctor and he can give me some real medicine. :-)