Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

Well, it's day 7 of my SB. Yea! The week so far has been pretty relaxing and productive. I went to the doctor on Friday, I don't remember what else.. .I"m sure I went to the gym. Then Saturday morning as you know was spent apt hunting and Joe T's. Sunday, we hung out and went to church. Once again at dinner after church, I got the worst gas you could ever imagine (I don't mean like stinky butt but like the pain in your stomach and you think you need to go to the hospital pain). Monday, I took James's truck to Wichita Falls to get his lightbar installed (pic coming soon) and to hang out with Sabra. She's fabulous. We went to lunch with Brittany, her 1 ear old Cameron, and my mom. Let me tell you about some good food- Samari of Tokyo is so awesome and so affordable at lunch!!! Sometimes I miss Wichita Falls... but then I come home and that all goes away. :-) I spent the night at Sabra's. It was hard, James and I had our first night apart from one another. Let me tell you- it's not cool! Neither of us slept very well. Then Tuesday, Sab and I went to IHOP for brunch and did my hair. If anyone in Wichita Falls needs someone totally awesome to do their hair, call Sabra! :-) Then I waited for mom to get off work, I hugged her and headed home, in the rain all the way. James had home group that night so he didn't home till around 930 or so. It was good to feel him and his wonderful hugs. Yesterday I worked out, got wedding pictures developed finally and placed them in frames. Then today I went to the doc for a physical- he said besides knowing the blood test, I'm healthy and I need to keep up the good work. :-) He is requiring me to read 10-15 minutes of healthy whatever each day. lol. I like him... check out Dr. Brehm. He's nice and seems to know what he is talking about. I've also taken care of a couple of "family business" things for James, started laundry, finished the grocery list James started. Now I just need to execute the grocery list, finish laundry- the hardest part- I hate it!, workout, and feed the cats! Can it be done? I do believe so. So, this blog isn't very interesting but it gave me something to do while I am waiting on the clothes to finish drying before I leave the house- wrinkles are the enemy! If you read previous blogs you would remember this weekend is the Houston weekend & the rodeo. :-) This will be our first time to spend the night together somewhere other then our very own bed. Is this going to be comfortable or uncomfortable... it's his parents house- I'll have to tell you later. :-)
Good Day!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Productive Day

Today has been quite productive!!! Yea!!!

1. We searched for an apartment. We were finished looking and ready to discuss our decision by lunch time! So, since we were by North Park Mall, we sat at the bar at PF Changs ate our yummy, not so good for you, lunch and talked over all the places.
James's Hot White Tea and him drinking it. :-)

Our likes and dislikes... and of course, the dreaded money! :-) We visited 4 properties: Saxony, Broadstone Parkway, Ansley at Park Central, and Northbridge in The Village. We eliminated Ansley and Northbridge right away because I didn't like Ansley and James didn't like Northbridge. So, we had super cheap and older versus brand spanking new (we will be the first to live in the apt) and a little more expensive. Saxony had older appliances and was just kind of boxy. The parking where we would live was kind of not the best. We loved the leasing girl, Katie. She is getting her masters to be a teacher and is a believer. :-) We invited her to the Village and I told her she could come volunteer in my classroom any time she wanted! Hopefully one or both will happen. She said she would call even if we don't lease. :-) Then there's the Broadstone! This place is nice. It's brand new. Only 60% leased as of now and just fancy. :-) There's an accent wall in the living/dining room that is painted- who knew there was color in an apartment. haha. And one wall painted in the bedroom. They had 2 to choose from, a blue and a light goldish color. We picked the gold. Then the kitchen. It's open to the dining and living room. The fridge is stainless steal, the stove is a flat/glass top, the microwave is also a convection over (both black), granet counter tops with a good size bar, wood floors (no stains), and stone backwash walls. We would get to pick from a variety of apartments... basically choose what location we wanted. So we did! After lunch we went and saw Skip and put a deposit down. They are running really, really good specials right now since they aren't at full occupency. Like, we don't pay FULL rent till August. July is a partial rent and May and June are free. It's amazing. Here are a couple of pictures:

Here is our fun and different floor plan!
Here is the kitchen except we'll decorate differently of course and it's on the other side... it'll be on our right when we walk in and not the left. :-) Also, the I am trying to show the wall color... I don't know if it is accurate in the picture but it does give you an idea. :-)

2. We went to Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth for John Adam's birthday celebration with his family, in from Austin. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from dinner.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I Was Tagged

10 years ago:
I was a freshman in high school and just starting to get into trouble. I don't remember what I did for spring break that year... Hmmm... the good ol days.
Things on my to-do list today:
Well, my day is pretty much finished so I'll tell ya about tomorrow's list: 1. wake up early enough to go to the gym (this actually depends on what time we go to sleep tonight.) 2. Drop my car off at the shop. It didn't pass it's inspection today because my emergency break isn't working properly... good thing the great, money hungry state of Texas requires yearly inspections. I just don't know what I'd do without my parking break. (I hope you can read that last sentence with some sarcasm.) I also need new window wipers, like they don't tell me that every single year! Oh and the guy "informed" me that he makes the call on window tint. Legal is 20% (I know this law very well) and mine is 18%. Yes, I know that is 2 whole % illegal. But he tells me he gets to make the call and is going to do me a favor by allowing it to slide.... anyway, my mini rant is finished. 3. Go apartment hunting with James beginning at 10 am. We hope this doesn't last too long and that we find something we are both happy with. 4. John Adams is having a birthday dinner at Joe T's in Fort Worth. For those of you that don't know Joe T's, you need to meet him and his Margarita (take cash- it's all they accept!). 5. I don't know.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
1. At least 10%, and I mean this is the bare min... I would probably give a lot more.... goes to The Village. Whatever they needed... renovations, missions, pay raise- whatever!!! 2. Pay all debts that are left (this is getting MUCH smaller each month by the way). 3. Buy James whatever boat he wanted...maybe even 2 if he couldn't make up his mind. 4. Buy a nice house, not big, just cute and cozy. 5. Shop like crazy!!! I don't' do this very often as I have said before but wow, what kind of damage could I do without a budget and that kind of cash. :-) 6. Give the rest to James to invest for our EARLY retirement. :-)
Three of my bad habits:
1. PROCRASTINATION... for example, I was going to fill this thing out a few days ago and haven't till now. That's just a small example- I'm not very good with bills. 2. LAZINESS- James gave me this one. He says it's my worst. I agree. I have to be in the mood for something. 3. Dishes and Laundry- they suck!
Five jobs I have had: What job haven't I had? lol 1. Snoball maker 2. Lifeguard 3. Gymnastics Instructor 4. Dental Assistant 5. Kindergarten Teacher (my favorite and current) ...I could go on by the way. I've held a lot of jobs and lots of the time, I had more then one at a time.
Five things people don’t know about me:

1. I have a long tongue- I can stick it in my nose (some people do know this one) 2. I do not like hair. Like my own hair is okay sometimes... I am talking about unattached hair. lol. And if I know you and you have a hair that has fallen out and is resting on your back, I can pick that off you and drop it on the ground quickly without feeling grossed out. But man, if I am walking barefoot and one gets tangled in my toes... YUCK.. talk about some gaging coming on. Or like at the gym in the locker room... hair on the floor, and wet... UGH! I'm getting sick thinking about it. 3. Drains- they are gross, especially shower drains. Nasty. I wear shoes in any shower that is just a shower. Like on our honeymoon in Jamaica. I wore shoes in the shower... James loved it. haha. I have some OCD things going on here don't I. :-) 4. If I could, I think I would be a stay at home wife. I get overwhelmed a lot with all things I should have done as a wife, teacher, friend, ect... 5. I broke my arm when I was 5 and 6 weeks into the summer, they had to rebrake it because it healed crooked. Wonderful doctors I must of had. Who has to re break an arm!?! and on a 5 year old.
I’m supposed to tag people to do this too. So… James (he wont), Sara (if she ever reads this), and Amy!! GO! :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Updates and Nonsense

Well, I finally heard back from the doctor today. Good news... EVERYTHING CAME BACK NORMAL ON my Cell Biopsy. YEA! They took whole weeks to get back to me becasue when they got that result, they wanted more test run or something like that to be sure but the lab assured them everything is normal. So praise HIS name!!!! I have a feeling James and I will go through this every 4 months when I go in for another check up! But, He is faithful and His will is better no matter what!!!! :-)

Got to go shopping on Saturday- that was FUN! I haven't gone on a shopping trip like that in I don't know how long. Now, if it would just get warm and stay warm, I'd be good! :-)

I got to have pink eye this weekend... that was fun!

James and I have started "Apartment Search 2008." Sunday morning we layed in bed searching all kinds of apartments. We are looking in 3 different locations, some more desirable then others. Here are some of our options... so if you know anything about any of these places, please let us know! In no order:

  • Ansley at Park Central (Formerlly Jefferson ...)
  • Churchill on the Parkway
  • Marquis at Park Central
  • La Costa Villas
  • Westside in The Village
  • Northbridge in The Village
  • The Lakes in The Village
  • San Rafael
  • Saxony
  • Dorchester
  • Prestonbridge

Again- let us know if you anything about these places or anything around these places. :-)

Spring Break is nearing and I feel (as I am sure every other teacher on the planet) that it couldn't come fast enough! James and I don't have any super big plans... we're pretty busy these next couple of months. Here's a sneak peak:

March 15- Birthday Day Dinner for a friend @ Joe T's

17-18- Wichita Falls

22-23- Houston/Rodeo

27- Kindergarten Round Up (this is a BIG deal!!!)

29-30- James's Gparents in middle of no where Texas

April 4-5- James' Birthday

8- Kinder Field Trip

12- RISD Job Fair (I'm volunteering to help recruit)

12-13- James goes camping with the guys in Tyler

25- Northwood Hills PTA Auction

26-27- College station for the Norton BBQ

28- We have to be out of our apartment

This is just some to give you an idea. We haven't gone out of town since our honeymoon and this is a lot of out of towning! :-) We'll see how it all goes. :-) It's time for bed... more updates and info later. Love and prayers to all! :-) OH YEAH: James is up for his yearly review (basically a promotion and raise!) Please pray for all to go well! He's word really hard this past year. Hopefully they recognize it and see that he is ready for the next level! :-) I sure did marry one smart and handsom man!