Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i suck but it's not all my fault...

I haven't been blogging... but I didn't have internet at my house for almost 2 whole weeks, and in that I also spent a weekend in Vegas (a very bad eating and workout weekend).

Other then that one week, I have been pretty good on eating and working out. :-)

I'll get back to blogging. Promise. And measurement time comes up this weekend.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ME: right here & now

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Measurement Chart

in double 07

First off- HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I pray that for those of you that know Jesus, learn to love Him even more then you already do and for those of you that do not know Him, know that He loves you no matter what!

Ok, so I am writing this thing to share my resolution with all to know... in this, you guys get to keep me accountable!
I am writing a resolution this year in hopes of growing closer to God, my father. I want it all to be laid down at the foot of His cross and it is an attempt to be done in His name as a form of praise and love. With that said, I am going to jump right on in!

1. I am giving up all caffine... yes, this does include chocolate. For those of you that know me- know that this is going to be very difficult. But, I have faith with God on my side, I can disipline myself to not even think about it nor desire to even eat or drinking it (I absolutely adore Starbuck's hot chocolate...) I do not need to energy from anything but the Lord. He is my strength.
2. I am working out... on a daily basis. I know this is so typical and in everyone's resolution. haha... I know, I know!!! But it is different. I don't have just one goal with this one. Of course I want to be in shape, feel good and look good. I will be and have a rock star body!!! Just kidding... kind of. And I know you're asking, "and how is this any different from every other ameriacan on the planet?!?" It is, I promise. So, my other goal. It is to train, learn, and discipline myself and my body. I am training myself to do something and want to do something because I have a desire. I am going to do it because I do not want to be lazy anymore. I do not want it to be a habit to go to the gym, I want to want to go and I am going to get it done and look back and say, "I DID IT!" I don't like having all these want to's and I wish I would have's. I want "I did that."
3. I also want to live right here and right now. I am in no way promised tomorrows breath. That is a good chance I will go to bed tonight and not wake up tomororw as well as there is a good chance I will go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow and continue. But I don't want to look at tomorrow, I am sitting right here and right now on this computer in my Granny's living room typing this blog and that is exactly where my brain should be. I don't want to dream of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, ect... you get the point. I have a bad habit of looking and dreaming of the future- but how is that living??? That's not living at all- that's dreaming. I am commanded to be satisfied in right now, what the Lord has given to me. Side note: Don't get me wrong, I am not going to forget of tomorrow or yesterday. I will still plan things and pray for the desires of my heart- which sometimes involves the future. And some things I do have to wait for because the Lord has His will, HIs plan, His story for me. It's all been written and I will be right here and right now.

All of these are things I desire of myself. I desire to be disiplined and a person of my word. I want to be like Christ. I don't want to fall into habit, which is what I do on a daily basis. I want this discipline I am and will continue to learn to fall into all aspects of my life: work, relationships, finances, and most important of all, my relationship with God. I want to pray everyday all day long. I don't want it to just be on my way to work because it's convient for me. And then when vacation or the weekend rolls around, I just don't do it because I didn't have my 30 minute drive to work. I want do pray because that is my special time I get to spend with God.

I love Jesus... that's all I got.