Friday, July 10, 2009

old but posting anyway

I'm just going to jump right on in:

In March, James and I decided that I should get LASIK eye surgery. I am so happy we made this decision. It has been fabulous. I did not realize what a blessing it was though till we got out on the lake. Just amazing that I can jump in the water, wake board, tube- whatever and not worry about contacts. I highly recommend it if you are considering updating your eyeballs. :-) Here is the video James took of the computer screen, from behind a glass window in the waiting room:

During Spring Break I got to drive with Granny out to Mt. Pleasant to meet Sarah Katelynn Hamilton for the first time. Who is she you might ask? Well, she is my cousin Kristin and her husband Mike's sweet baby girl. It was just a day trip. I hadn't been out to their house yet either so that was nice as well. Sarah is so beautiful and I actually get to spend some quality time with her this month too! Yea!

April and May were busy but nothing really important going on. Jam
es turned 27. I gave him the ESV Study Bible and a new pair of white board shorts for our lake adventures. We celebrated at his Aunt Robin's house as well.

April 9, I cut off my hair for Locks of Love. Here are some pictures.

A big decision was made at work. My principal called me into her office
one day and notified me that my services would not be needed next year. Just kidding. She asked me how I felt about teaching first grade. I knew this conversation would be coming soon, just didn't think it would be this year. I was dreading it to tell you the truth, But as she was talking to me about moving I just felt this peace with it. My only real concern was having to add grading papers and the general stress of it feeling like a first year teaching new curriculum. So, after talking to James and taking the weekend, I told Mackie yes. I am excited about the move. I get another year with my kids. This class this year has been quite the experience, a blessing. My students are so amazing and my parents are right up there with them. End of year 2010 will be very difficult for me. I love these kids. I think I would take just about all of them as my own if I could. I pray for qualities they have for my own unborn children. I am going to miss working so closely with Denise and Alexis as well as looking forward to working closely with Emily and Penni in first grade. I also found out that I will have a student teacher in the fall. That should be interesting since I am teaching a grade I've never taught before. But I am just hoping that she sees what it is really like. :-)

Ummm, the end of the school year was busy and now it's summer. I am watching two little girls who attend a private christian school near me. They are Maggie, 7, and Rachel, 9. Sweet, sweet girls. I am at their place 3 days a week which equates to about 20 hours a week- give or take some. We make food, draw, read, write, watch TV/movies, swim with Mrs. Barnes and Braxton, go to places. It is very laid back and rewarding. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect summer job. The money we get to put towards the house downpayment is great too! :-)
We've gotten to spend a lot of weekends at the lake with friends and family:

James and I met with a fabulous Realtor, named Jeannette Escutia. She has taught us so much and just really knows her stuff. We don't feel pressure from her to buy and buy now. She does not want us to have buyers remorse. She knows we don't plan on buying for a while but that we are learning about what it is that we want exactly (location, amenities, money, ect..). That has been fun.