Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was tagged 25 times on Facebook for this...

1. I really love ice cream and I don't think that I could ever give it up. Good thing I can make my own, with splenda instead of sugar, skim milk instead of whole milk, and fat free half & half instead of heavy whipping cream. :-)

2. I am a better driver when other people are in my car.

3. I really, really love my job. My school, my kids, my parents, my coworkers, my boss... is there anything else? Spring time is best- the kids just start to get it about this time and we teach the most fun things in the spring: USA/Presidents, Dinos, Farm Animals, Texas.... It's just so much fun! :-)

4. James and I have a queen size bed but we sleep so close we really only use half the bed most of the time.

5. Other then my parents house, I have never lived in one place for more then a year without moving. Because of this, I feel like I have to rearrange out apartment since we singed another year long lease.

6. I really want to have a baby but I know right now is not the right time. God will tells when it is though so I have peace in knowing that. I do bug James daily anyway.

7. James and I have never spent more then 2 nights apart, which sucked, until this coming week and it may be up to 2 months in a row.

8. I really, really love HOT YOGA. It's the best workout ever. it's quiet, peaceful, hot, and challenging. I don't fall for all the "gods" "feel the earth" "spiritual" stuff but it is a good time for me to spend in prayer with the Lord as well as relying on him for strength.

9. I take forever to get ready in the morning when I could be up and out in 30 minutes... it's just a preference of mine.

10. I have become so attached/dependent on my iPhone, I don't think I could function for a while.

11. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym.

12. I like my clothes to match my activity. i.e. working out- the gym v. yoga, golf, tennis, ect....

13. I turn my hangers backwards in the closet and anything I haven't worn for an entire season (like a sweater through the winter) is given away to donations. This is really hard but good... and it makes room for new things.

14. Having my toenails painted makes me feel pretty but when I try to paint my nails, I wipe it off long before it can even dry because it drives me crazy.

15. I love being crafty but usually don't know where to start. I often copy others and always make a big mess.

16. I am scared to death of giving birth to a child. The same fear I had with my surgery, I am scared of the unknown pain it can cause.

17. I wish my mac had microsoft office programs.

18. I produce more gas then my husband does and it could get worse with my new diet. Good thing he loves me so much.

19. I'm excited about learning to wakeboard.

20. I want to see the world. I've seen a beach in Mexico but I want to go see ruins and things, Ive seen Jamaica... wouldn't mind going back someday. I've been to Hong Kong and Xian, China and want to go back.... I want to fill my passport up as well as see the United States. I was about an hours distance from the Terracotta Warriors in China and didn't see them... I am crazy.

21. I check fb constantly throughout the day from my phone just to see if I have any updates that actually apply to me.

22. I love to read but it usually only gets done in the summer when I am by the pool. That is my happy place.

23. I am quite double jointed in my elbows. I even think it looks gross.

24. I secretly love it when James tickles me (now that he learned how to do it in a gentle, girl way) but will never say that when he is doing it. :-)

25. I hate doing laundry more then any other house hold chore. :-)