Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another Year but Nothing New. :-)

The tradition is to make a new year's resolution. I don't want to do that because who actually sticks to those. I mean, I have ONE time, that's all. I want to declare my heart and desires. I guess some would call it a resolution but these are things that I have been working on and want to continue. Spiritual and Physical here they are:

1. Physically I want to continue my working out with my trainer/aunt Robin. I go to her place twice a week. She's help me to beyond that wall I had hit and been stuck out for so long. She does my strength training. And recommends cardio for me to do during the rest of the week. I am weighing around 132-137. It fluctuates. I would like to be a consistent 130. I would like to not desire the bad food around me. At home I am very safe and even at most restaurants I am pretty good. But when I am at work or other places I can't help myself. I would like pants to fit me in the hips and legs, not just my waist. When shopping for food, I would like to do it more naturally, organic and less canned food.

2. Spiritually, I would like to be more faithful. I love my God but there any many days my actions and heart don't reflect it one single bit. I would like to read the Bible and biblical studies more then I do other books and watch TV online. I want to pray more. I want to journal my thoughts and prayers often. I journal all the time in my head but it never makes it to paper or blog. Some of it is laziness and some of it is time and the rest, I just forget what I wrote down in my head. I desire for my relationship with God to be less selfish. I want to be the prayer warrior for others I once was. I want to have an open heart and eyes for anything and everything God is trying to show me. Doesn't matter what about- to talk to a stranger or a friend, with our finances, in our house hunt, having a baby, my job, vacations/get-a-ways, where and how I spend the time God has blessed me with, ect...

3. I want to be a better wife, friend, daughter, granddaughter... you name it. I want my relationships to be deep, God centered, even if the other party doesn't know God. I want to love my husband better then I already do.

These are some of my hopes and desires. They have been and they will continue to be.