Monday, November 23, 2009

Kauai, Hawaii day 1

Hello Ladies and Gents!

For Thanksgiving this year we have been invited to spend t
he week in Kauai, Hawaii with my in-laws at their timeshare condo thingy. :-) So, my goal is to update daily. We'll see how it goes.

Day 1:
Well, day 1 could technically be yesterday but I don't
really count it because we spent most of the day on a plane or waiting for a plane. I got about 200 pages read in my book, watched The Time Travelers Wife and listened to some music. I also took a benadryl to help my ears. Descending planes are torture. I spent a lot of time praying during the 34000 ft drop. I can't de-pressurize my ears. I never have been able to. We finally got to Kauai around 6pm Hawaiian time (that's 10pm Dallas time). Pam & Tim had gotten here a few hours before us, so they had already come to the condo to check in, unl
oad their things and get back just in time to pick us up! On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Bubba's Burger to eat dinner. I didn't get a burger though. I had a chicken sandwich, no fries or onion rings though. I was quickly reminded that I am on vacation so it's okay to get a burger. lol. My thoughts were, well my body doesn't go on vacation though. haha. Anyway, we got he
re, showered and I passed out by like 8:30 or something because of my lack of sleep, long day, and benadryl. James apparently got in bed, watched TV, tossed
and turned, pretty much slept on my side of the bed and I had no idea.
I slept on the right and he slept on the little travel pillow... good thing I don't turn much in my sleep. Pam & Tim got up at like 5 am to get down to the south shore for some scuba diving. We decided that sleeping in would be worth while. I woke up at like 6:30 ready for the day. I put on my workout clothes and went for a run by myself. It is so beautiful here. So breath taking. When I got back, I sat on the back porch that stares out on the ocean and read the Word. It was so awesome.
Then we go to have a informational breakfast at the resort and got lots of information about things to do on the island. Gina, our hostess, told us about a trail to the beach that was close enough to walk to. So, we did. Here are some of the pictures we took along the way:

Chickens are literally EVERYWHERE! And crowing at 5:30am.
After the beach, we hiked back, got ready and went to dinner at a "mexican" food place. We all got a brazilian meal. hehe. It was surrounded by all these shops so we did some shopping. :-)

James hates this face. :-)

Today was a great day.
Tomorrow we're taking surfing lessons and going to a luau.